Local Library Resources (Griffith City Library)

Title Author Barcode Call Number
1,001 tips for the parents of Autistic boys Ken Siri S0003373046 618.92 Sir
1,001 tips for the parents of Autistic girls Lyons, Tony S0003372846 618.92 Lyo
Aspergers Syndrome Winter, Matt S0003288500 371.94 Win
Asperger’s and girls Attwood, Tony S0003289807 616.8588 Att
Asperger’s syndrome Attwood, Tony S0003289255 616.89 Att
Australian Autism Handbook O’Reilly, Benison S0003288851 618.9285882 O’Re
Autism social skills picture book Baker, Jed S0003285803 371.94 Bak
Book about what Autism can be like Adams, Sue S0003288453 616.85882 Ada
Can I tell you about Asperger syndrome? Welton, Jude S0003289093 618.928588 Wel
Can’t eat, won’t eat Legge, Brenda S0003288550 618.92 Leg
Complete guide to Asperger’s syndrome Attwood, Tony S0003286443 616.8588 Att
Creatice therapy for children with Autism, ADD, and Asperger’s Tubbs, Janet S0003355519 618.9285 Tub
Does my child have Autism? L Stone, Wendy S0002689101 618.928 Sto
Dyslexia Riddick, Babara S0002501882 371.8144 Rid
Exploring feelings Attwood, Tony S0003289043 152.46 Att
Exploring feelings Attwood, Tony S0003289750 152.47 Att
Food for me is gluten free Leary S0000017667 J618.9297 Lea
Fun side of life with asperger Tullemans, Anna S0003292957 616.8588 Tul
How to live with Autism and Asperger syndrome Williams, Chris S0003350153 618.928588 Wil
How to stop your words from bumping into someone else’s Author reference reference
 and other really useful social stories Tullemans, Anna S0003292850 616.85882 Tul
Incrediable 5-point scale Buron, Kari, Dunn SOOO3288990 616.89 Bur
Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, ASPERGER’S, TOURETTE’S Author reference reference
BIPOLAR AND MORE! Kutscher, Martin L. S0003289108 618.928588 Kut
Learning about friendship Al-Ghani, K.I S0003416886 616.8588 AIG
Making sense of sex Attwood, Sarah S0003289051 612.6 Att
Managing family meltdown Woodcock, Linda S0003272533 618.9285882 Woo
Motivate to communicate! Griffin, Simone S0003289205 618.9285882 Gri
My social stories book Gray, Carol S0003288704 618.92 Gra
No fighting no bitng, no screaming Elven, Bo Hejlskov S0003416933 616.8588 Elv
Oasis guide to Asperger’s syndrome Bashe, Patricia Romanowski S0003346308 618.928982 Bas
Practical Communication Programmes Adkins, Jo & Larkey, Sue reference reference
Parenting your asperger child Sohn, Alan T. S0003350200 618.928588 Soh
Putting the pieces together Ess, Gay von S0003290094 371.94 Ess
Sensory perceptual issues in Autism and Asperger syndrome Bogdashina, Olga SOOO3288754 616.8982 Bog
Siblings and Autism Author S0003416852 616.8588 Sib
Socially Speaking Schroeder, Alison reference reference
Talking to friends about the diagnosis Tullemans, Anna S0003292907 616.85882 Tul
The Autism Discussion page on Anxiety, Behaviour, School & Paren Nason, Bill reference reference
The Autism Discussion page on the core challenges of Autism Nason, Bill reference reference
The New Social Story Book Grey, Carol reference reference
Visual learning Lee, Jodi S0003289645 370.1523 Lee
Working with teachers Tullemans, Anna S0003292892 371.192 Tul
The passionate mind: How people with Autism learn Lawson, Wendy reference reference
Developing social skills Author reference reference
Toilet trainning for individuals with Autism Author reference reference
The out of sync child Author reference reference
DVD’S Author reference reference
Adam Author S0003263974 DVD Ada
After Thomas Author S0003289598 DVD Aft
Imagine having Asperger’s syndrome Eisenmajer, Richard J S0003306722 DVD Eis
The Black Balloon Author reference DVD
Temple Grandin Author reference DVD
All cats have Asperger’s syndrome Hoopman Kathy S0002919386 J618.92 Hoo
All Dogs have ADHD Hoopman Kathy S0003289247 362.1968589 Hoo
Blue Bottle Mystery Hoopman Kathy S0003357579 JF Hoo
Bully Blockers Shally, Celeste S0003289776 E Sha
Dude that’s rude! Espeland, Pamela S0003289158 395.1 Esp
Freaks, geeks and Asperger’s syndrome Jackson, Luke S0003289425 618.92 Jac
Friend like Henry Gardner Nuala S0003288908 092 Gar
Hidden curriculum Myles, Brenda Smith S0003289378 302.14 Myl
Ian’s walk Lears, Laurie S0002514738 E Lea
My friend with Autism Bishop, Beverly S0003288047 618.9285882 Bis
Red Beast Al-Ghani, K.I S0003416983 161.8588 AIG
Round fish square bowl Author reference reference
Smiling at shadows Waites, Junee S0003288657 092 Wai
Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy Chasen. R, Lee reference reference
The Conversation Train Shaul, Joel reference reference
The Disappointment Dragon Al-Ghani, K.I reference reference
The Kids’ guide to staying Awesome and in control Author reference reference
When horse became saw Macris, Anthony S0003418626 092 Mac
Answers to questions teachers ask about sensory intergration Author S0002543135 370.155 Ans
Asperger syndrome in the inclusive classroom Betts, Stacey W. S0003288607 371.94 Bet
Autism & Reading Comprehension Porter, Joseph reference reference
Behaviour Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom Aune, Beth, Gennaro,Burt,Peter reference reference
Behaviour Solutions in and beyond the Inclusive Classroom Aune, Beth, Gennaro,Burt,Peter reference reference
Behaviour Solutions for the Home and Community Aune, Beth, Gennaro,Burt,Peter reference reference
Helping Students with ASD Express their Thoughts & Knowledge Geither, Elise, Meeks Lisa reference reference
Making it a success Larkey, Sue S0003289190 371.94 Lar
Sucessful school change and transition for the child with Author reference reference
Aspergers syndrome Lawrence, Clare S0003288801 371.94 Law
Teaching social communicatiion to children with Autism Ingersoll, Brooke S0003289140 649.152 Ing
The Ultimate Guide to School and Home Larkey, Sue, Tullemans, Anna reference reference
The early years Larkey, Sue reference reference
Teacher Assistants The Big Blue Book of Ideas Author reference reference
Teacher Assistants The Big Red Book of Ideas Author reference reference